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    Returns & Refunds

    1. Return of Goods


    1.1.Unless purchased at a clearance rate (60% or more off the full price), our goods are sold subject to a 30-day money-back guarantee (and in some cases, an additional money back guarantee period or ‘Risk Free Trial’ period may be agreed with you). If your purchase is subject to our 30 day money back guarantee and you wish to return your goods to us, you must firstly notify us within 30 days of receiving the product(s) by email at and obtain from us a Return Merchandise Authorisation Number (RMA). When returning the goods, you must quote your RMA. In addition, the following conditions apply to the return of all goods:

    (a) All goods must be returned to us by traceable delivery service and quoting your Return Merchandise Authorisation Number (RMA) on the outside of every package being returned to us. Customers should note that our inwards goods and receipts depots are designed to receive courier and postal deliveries only. 

    Please note: do not write RMA on original product packaging.

    You must meet the costs of returning all goods unless we agree otherwise and subject to any other statutory obligations. Goods must be received by Brand Developers within the prevailing terms and conditions of the Returns Merchandise Authorisation number (RMA). We will have no liability in respect to goods received outside the relevant period.

    Please note: your RMA is NOT your Product Order Number.

    (b) Goods must be returned fully disassembled and in a clean and as-new condition in their original packaging. Where goods are returned in damaged packaging or showing signs of excessive use, we will pass on to you any reasonable costs we incur in remedying the goods to a clean and as-new condition by deducting these costs from any purchase price refund. Soiled or damaged goods will be refused as an unacceptable return at our discretion subject to your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

    (c) All items detailed on the invoice we provide to you must be returned if a refund is requested, together with any ‘free’ gifts or ‘specials’ included with the invoiced goods, unless advertised otherwise.

    (d) If you are sending more than one package back to us the RMA must be on the outside of every package sent.

    (e) Any request for an exchange of goods is at our discretion.

    (f) Refunds are limited to the purchase price paid for the goods. No refunds will be given for postage, delivery costs or insurance charges incurred by us and passed onto you (unless advertised otherwise).

    1.2. Upon receipt of goods returned in accordance with clause 3.1 we will provide a refund of the purchase price only or alternatively, we may consider (but are not obliged to) exchanging the goods if you so request.


    2. Damaged Goods

    2.1. Risk of loss or damage to the goods passes to you upon delivery. If the goods have been damaged while in your care for reasons not related to their state or condition when we delivered them to you, we do not have to accept any liability in relation to the goods and will be under no obligation to replace the goods or refund any amount already paid by you for the goods.