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    TEBO Massage Chair - Instruction Manuals, Help & Support

    Help & support for the TEBO Massage Chair models. Unboxing instruction guides, specs and downloadable manuals.

    Note: The chair is suitable for most people but if you have a serious pre-existing medical condition which includes pacemakers and osteoporosis, we recommend consulting your doctor.

    Key Features

    • Enjoy a luxurious, full body, professional massage in the privacy of your own home
    • Massage has been proven to be able to help reduce stress, tension and anxiety as well as helping muscles to rejuvenate and recover
    • Advanced optimal sensors measure your body to create an intelligent body map and deliver a custom massage to every user
    • Robotic massage hand delivers a 3D massage customised to the users body shape
    • Innovative L and S Track technology allows the massage hand to follow the curvature of the spine, moving horizontally and vertically to hit all the key pressure points
    • Extendable leg section customises the chair to the users height
    • 60 air cushion massagers work together to provide both gentle and deep tissue massage
    • Features all new voice activation technology
    • The sliding track provides a zero space feature so the chair can be placed as close as 5cm to a wall but slides as it reclines, so it saves hugely on space
    • Magnetic therapy and far infrared wave technology to further help the body rest and recover
    • Bluetooth function so you can connect your device and play your favourite music or podcast and really relax 
    • Negative Oxygen Ion function helps alleviate stress and depression and improve mood

    Unboxing and assembly video

    Disassembly and packing video


    Instruction manuals